Live your life – with joy and energy

everyone deserves to live life full out and experience energy and joy with what they do

If you want something to grow

give your attention to it

Create clarity and focus

by effectively prioritizing what matters most to you


The Passion Test is an effective system and tool to help you create clarity and focus in terms of the life that you dream of creating for yourself.


I offer speakings, courses and workshops bringing you closer to a life full of joy, energy and purpose – delivered with presence and passion.


My name is Line Louise Overgaard. I live a life of joy, presence, passion and meaning. I generally experience a deep love and gratitude for life.

Live Your Life

Everyone deserves to live the whole life and experience energy, joy and meaning with what they do. This applies in all aspects of life and at all times of life.

This also goes for YOU.

✓ Do you experience joy and energy in one or more areas of life - and yet it is as if something is missing?
✓ Do you experience joy, energy and satisfaction in your personal life  – but not in your work life? Or the other way around?
✓ Have you experienced any major changes in your life lately?
✓ Do you miss something in your life – without knowing exactly what? 
✓ Do you know what you miss or lack in your life - and yet it is hard for you to fully create the life you want to live? 
✓ Do you feel that you have a purpose in life - that is not quite clear to you yet?

If you can answer YES to one or more of these questions, then The Passion Test might be for you?

You can read more about The Passion Test here.

You are also welcome to reach me on +45 2182 2187 and get a free introduction of up to 30 minutes. 

THANK YOU for being curious and for taking initiative to read this.  

THANK YOU for a valuable moment of your time. 

Make a great day.